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Training Growth Innovations

How to Use Win-Loss Analysis to Grow Your LMS Business

Win Loss Analysis

Originally published at A Q&A with Win-Loss Expert Jen Berkley Jackson A typical LMS vendor loses many more deals than they win. And often, you have no idea why, and may not even know who you were up against. To learn from these losses, you need answers. I interviewed one of the all-time great…

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Know Thy Prospect. Know Thy Customer.

persona voice of customer

How using voice of customer and understanding the corporate training buyer persona will change your game By Scott Hornstein Originally published on The marketplace for professional learning is crowded and supremely competitive, but you’re well aware of that. You have to be different to stand out. What you may not know is that your…

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6 Keys to Successful LMS Marketing in Europe

Originally published on Most of my first two years of LMS marketing in Europe were spent beating my head against a wall. I knew it would be hard, and different from marketing to US buyers, so I went in with an open mind and tried to not assume anything. But it was still a…

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Top 10 Best Overall LMS Websites

Best Overall LMS Websites

… and what makes them so good. This article was originally published on eLearning Industry There are few markets as competitive as the Learning Management System market. There are no clear industry leaders, new vendors are popping up all the time, and many of them are willing to “give it away” to grab market share.…

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Top 10 LMS Websites with the Best Content

Best LMS Website Content

… and how to engage LMS buyers. This article was originally published on eLearning Industry As an LMS vendor, you need to focus your website copy on just one visitor: your ideal buyer. That’s not to say that your other website traffic isn’t important. Your ideal buyer is the one who pays the bills –…

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Top 10 Best Designed LMS Websites

Best LMS Website Designs

… and how they created a powerful first impression This article was originally published on eLearning Industry Successful demos can make or break any LMS company. We all spend a lot of time preparing for sales demos, orchestrating them, and training people to deliver them. When we do a demo, we want complete control of…

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This Is Not A List Of The Best Learning Management Systems

Best LMS Websites Introduction

This article was originally published on eLearning Industry If you are looking for a list of top Learning Technology solutions, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want to know which LMS will work best for your company, do not read this blog. However, if you are a vendor who sells a Learning Management…

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