Infographic: 10 Ways to Grow Your Training Business without Spending a Dime on Marketing

10 Ways to Grow Your Training Business without Spending a Dime on Marketing

Top 10 things to do with no marketing budget:

How is it possible to grow a training business without spending anything on marketing?

Some of the best marketing ideas I’ve ever seen didn’t cost a thing. And, you should do the free things first anyway, because they’re the foundation of your marketing program.

1. Develop a compelling and specific value proposition.

2. Focus on 10-30 SEO keywords and build content around them.

3. Ask for referrals, repeatedly.

4. Read, read, read, as much as you can about marketing.

5. Promote the next class to get repeat customers.

6. Maximize your lead conversion rate. A little bit here goes a long way.

7. Spend more time than you think you should on your website.

8. Use email marketing to establish thought leadership.

9. Get customer testimonials, reviews, quotes, etc.

10. Network with other training companies that you don’t compete with.

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Gordon Johnson has been a marketing leader in the corporate L&D industry for over twenty years. His specialty is developing transformative marketing strategies that generate qualified sales opportunities, employing the latest digital marketing channels, coupled with traditional techniques to achieve industry-leading brand awareness, widespread web presence and high-impact value propositions. Other marketing concentrations include content marketing, messaging, social marketing, positioning strategy, analyst relations, events, account-based marketing (ABM), email marketing, customer success and lead-generation. Contact Gordon.

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