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Top 10 Best Overall LMS Websites

Best Overall LMS Websites

… and what makes them so good. This article was originally published on eLearning Industry There are few markets as competitive as the Learning Management System market. There are no clear industry leaders, new vendors are popping up all the time, and many of them are willing to “give it away” to grab market share.…

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Top 10 LMS Websites with the Best Content

Best LMS Website Content

… and how to engage LMS buyers. This article was originally published on eLearning Industry As an LMS vendor, you need to focus your website copy on just one visitor: your ideal buyer. That’s not to say that your other website traffic isn’t important. Your ideal buyer is the one who pays the bills –…

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Top 10 Best Designed LMS Websites

Best LMS Website Designs

How to create a powerful first impression with your website This article was originally published on eLearning Industry Successful demos can make or break any LMS company. We all spend a lot of time preparing for sales demos, orchestrating them, and training people to deliver them. When we do a demo, we want complete control…

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LMS Marketing Tip #9: Every Email Must Add Value

Originally published on Email marketing is worth your time, for sure. But how do you do it in a positive way, so you don’t annoy buyers and diminish your brand? 9 Tips for Using Email Marketing the Right Way Email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. It’s so easy to do and so…

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LMS Marketing Tip #8: Do Demo Webinars … Often!

Originally published on Are you making it super-easy for your prospects to see your product without getting locked into a one-on-one sales pitch? In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of offering product demos for large groups and tips on how to get the most out of them. Why Offering Demo Webinars is a…

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LMS Marketing Tip #7: Analyst Relations – The Best Word of Mouth

Originally published on Although customer word-of-mouth is important, don’t forget about analysts. It’s crucial to ally with industry analysts who can help you get the word out rapidly. Analyst Relations is a Critical LMS Marketing Strategy The best marketers I know spend a lot of time measuring what works and what converts leads into sales.…

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LMS Marketing Tip #6: The Best Way to Spend 50% of Your Marketing Time

Originally published on A winning marketing strategy is built around a solid value proposition. Is your message unique, compelling and believable? Are you giving customers solutions to their problems or features of your product? In this article I’ll share tips to craft targeted messaging that is the foundation of your marketing program. Why Your…

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