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About Vertix Consulting

Vertix is a highly specialized consulting firm that offers customized solutions that focus on sourcing, project management, and technology strategy. Our partners have a unique breadth of experience as senior strategic advisors with deep operational experience. This combination provides our clients with strategic recommendations that are practical to deliver near-term tactical results with longer-term strategic outcomes.

As a consulting firm focused on a few highly-complex industries, we enable clients to seize new opportunities, navigate complex sourcing decisions, improve business performance, and reduce costs within complex, dynamic industries.  We continuously look for opportunities where we can apply best practices across industries as we find there are relevant analogs between our focused industries.

We have deep expertise in advising companies in both growth and restructuring environments. We work with clients to identify and capitalize on new areas of opportunity, optimize current performance and processes, as well as effectively manage their businesses in challenging situations. We often assist with those complex, major decision points that companies face “once in a lifetime.” These situations typically require highly specialized skills and experience, and often involve delicate change management due to their challenging nature.

Specialized Solutions

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