We understand the obstacles your training or learning tech company faces, and our unwavering dedication is to convert those challenges into stepping stones for exponential growth.

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"Gordon has a comprehensive understanding of the training industry and created a highly customized marketing program for us that has transformed our business." Ian Huckabee | Principled Technologies

"Gordon was able to quickly assess our needs, positioning and guide me to the highest ROI marketing strategy and activities. Gordon is part of our secret sauce and has helped us punch above our weight." Cam Tripp | Savvy Leadership

“Gordon is the strongest marketing person I've ever known. He has the ability to analyze complex solutions and break them into simple, easy to understand marketing messages and programs. The results of our programs have been amazing.” Tom Bronikowski 

Generate high-quality, targeted leads to connect with your ideal customers

Craft resonating messages that leave a lasting impact on your audience

Utilize content marketing to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website

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Specializing in transformative marketing strategies, FlashWorks Marketing generates qualified sales opportunities to fuel your business growth. With the latest digital marketing channels and impactful content, we ensure industry-leading brand awareness and widespread web presence.

Backed by over two decades of experience, we've helped numerous training and tech companies in the corporate learning space succeed. Trust us to invest your time and money wisely for real results.

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“The year before we began working with Gordon, our revenue grew by 28% over the previous year. Working with Gordon helped us to accelerate that growth. Equally important, he has saved us time and money by generously sharing with us the many resources he has in the training industry – resources that we may never have found ourselves.” Nat Dunn | Webucator

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“Gordon is a marketing wizard with incredible insight into how to create brand awareness, generate strategic business, and drive revenue. In addition to his irreplaceable experience in the learning, LMS, and HCM industry.” Caleb Johnson | TTec

"I have seen Gordon reinvigorate learning organizations (including my own) and achieve quantum growth and exposure through his marketing expertise." Cevin Owens | McKinsey

“Gordon is marketing. His ability to stay one step ahead of the general marketing trends helped Expertus stand out in the sea of LMS vendors.” Calvin Choi | Expertus


generative AI robot piano

Unlocking AI’s Potential for Content Marketing in Training and Learning Tech Companies

By Scott Hornstein

To get good answers from AI, you need to ask the right questions.

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AI generated video content marketing

Developing Content with Generative AI: Expert Panel Insights

By Gordon Johnson

The rapid growth and development of artificial intelligence have birthed a subfield that’s reshaping content creation as we know it: generative AI.

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The Guide to Supercharging Content Marketing with Generative AI

By Gordon Johnson

By embracing AI strategically and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, you can unlock the power of Generative AI and propel your content marketing efforts to new heights of success.

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Content Marketing Tip #10: Build Your Content Marketing Around One eBook

By Gordon Johnson

Originally published on www.elearningindustry.com To survive in the LMS marketplace, you have to produce lots of free content to attract search engines and buyers to your website. But LMS content marketing is extremely time-consuming and without a long term plan,…

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5 easy steps for Home-Grown SEO

5 Easy Steps for Home-Grown SEO

By Gordon Johnson

How to dramatically increase qualified traffic to your website, without spending a dime We’d like to suggest a minimal effort that can bring big traffic to your website. It’s called a Super Extraordinary Opportunity, or SEO. Most know this as…

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Marketing Tip #9: Every Email Must Add Value

By Gordon Johnson

Originally published on www.elearningindustry.com LMS eMail marketing is worth your time, for sure. But how do you do it in a positive way, so you don’t annoy buyers and diminish your brand? 9 Tips for Using Email Marketing the Right Way…

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Marketing Tip #6: Spend 50% of Your Marketing Time on Your Value Proposition

By Gordon Johnson

Originally published on www.elearningindustry.com A winning marketing strategy is built around a solid LMS value proposition. Is your message unique, compelling and believable? Are you giving customers solutions to their problems or features of your product? In this article I’ll…

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Marketing Tip #7: Analyst Relations – The Best Word of Mouth

By Gordon Johnson

Originally published on www.elearningindustry.com Although customer word-of-mouth is important, don’t forget about LMS analyst relations. It’s crucial to ally with industry analysts who can help you get the word out quickly. LMS Analyst Relations is a Critical Marketing Strategy The best…

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Best Overall LMS Websites

Top 10 Best Overall LMS Websites

By Gordon Johnson

… and what makes them so good. This article was originally published on eLearning Industry There are few markets as competitive as the Learning Management System market. There are no clear industry leaders, new vendors are popping up all the…

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6 Keys to Successful Tech Marketing in Europe

By Gordon Johnson

Originally published on www.learninglight.com Most of my first two years of LMS marketing in Europe were spent beating my head against a wall. I knew it would be hard, and different from marketing to US buyers, so I went in…

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